Baxter’s Excavation

There is a specific kind of person that you want running this kind of machinery, and that’s a trained professional. Baxter’s Excavation goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service and care!

Alchemika Salon

This salon boasts its nearly 100 percent recyclable footprint, and rightfully so! Alchemika salon has paired with green circle salons to a provide the ability to recycle nearly every single bit of waste from hair to old curling irons and tin foil. Their motto is “A salon creating beauty and brawn”, which goes to show … [Read more…]

Skagit Running Company

Old Town Mount Vernon is home to the famed Skagit Running Company, who specializes in shoes that are customized to meet any need an individual may require. Their attention to detail and customer specification is met with their wide open space perfect for taking your new shoes for a quick jog around the hard wood … [Read more…]

Rock Solid Martial Arts

Rock Solid Martial Arts has become a big name in Whatcom county for their years of experience in teaching martial arts. Watch as Dominic meets with the owner, a world competing athlete.

Pavé Jewelry & Design

Custom Jewelry is something that can definitely set you apart from the crowd, and only a skilled artist can be trusted with such a delicate task. Here at Pavé Jewelry & Design, their experience with the trade goes back decades.

Mount Vernon Annual Street Fair

The Tulip Festival of has many pieces that make it the biggest event of the year for residents in and around Skagit county. The street fair in Mount Vernon is one of the keystone events in the festival, drawing thousands of people throughout the weekend to shop, eat and create, all locally.

Forte Chocolates

A real life chocolate factory!? Yes that’s right and you don’t need a golden ticket to experience this magical place. Forte Chocolates is home to some very unique flavors and blends of our favorite sweet treat!

Valley Shine

Valley Shine Distillery is truly one of a kind. Their award winning home made alcohol paired with their classy seasonal dishes makes them a summer time must.

Empire Alehouse

Empire Alehouse is one of the most established bars and eateries in Mount Vernon. Their menu caters to all tastes and their range in beer is like a rainbow (hence the rainbow tap). Watch as Dominic meets with the of the owners to dig deep into the roots of this restaurant.