Integrity Electric

Electricity is a serious business that requires extreme precision and mastery. We only use the best for our homes and the best i definitely Integrity Electric. Let’s go with Dominic to meet with the owner and team about their dedicated trade.

212 Elite Cheer

In the world of competitive cheer, only the best and most dedicated squads can take the lead. Dominic is meeting with the founder of 212 Elite to see what makes this team so powerful.

Hometown Appliance

Hometown Appliance in Stanwood is our recommended appliance seller/repair shop. Their attention to detail and customer service is what makes them such an outstanding business! Dominic is here to meet with the owner to talk specifics on why they stand out from the crowd.

Westar Solutions

Westar Solutions in Burlington provides products and services for all your screen printing needs, along with other various graphic services that can help you better your brand! Dominic is going to chat with the owner about what kind of crazy things they are doing with their business.

The Lunchbox Diner

Old town Mount Vernon is the home to some incredible places, and the Lunchbox is no exception. Their classic diner feel brings you back to when times were simpler, but their food knocks you back to reality with its new fresh flavors. Watch Dominic as he meets with the owner/chef of the Lunchbox in this … [Read more…]

Billy’s Cafe

Billy’s Cafe is kind of famous here in Skagit County, mainly for their insanely comforting comfort food and not to mention their super cool interior design that screams “home cooked meal”. Watch this video to see Dominic as he interviews one of the staff members about their experience working at this wonderful Cafe!

John Wayne’s Yacht: The Norwester

I have a special love for John Wayne, so this post/video was extremely cool! This was John Wayne’s first yacht which has been turned into a museum full of little artifacts from his movies and every day life! Watch as Dominic meets up with the owner to talk about this special little place.

C.O.RE Community Center

The C.O.RE Community Center is home to all sorts of activities to keep the blood  pumping, and all for a good cause! Watch thi video as Dominic talks with the founder about what the C.O.RE Community Center has to offer for the community.