Work Outfitters

For anyone in the trade business or anything that requires clothing built for weathering, Work Outfitters is the number one place to go in Mount Vernon. What makes this place stand out is the one on one attention you get from the owner to find you what you need, especially in regards to footwear. Watch … [Read more…]

Dilly Dally Antiques

Upon entering Dilly Dally Antiques it is obvious that the level of care can only be possible through a true passionate vintage expert. Kathryn has been running Dilly Dally for 16 years, with a love for antiques passed down to her by her mother. Take a look at this short film we put together where … [Read more…]

Skagit Humane Society Thrift Shop

Whether you’re an avid thrifter or just someone who likes a good bargain, the Skagit Humane Society Thrift Shop in Mount Vernon is a great place to visit after hitting up the Value Village next door. All of the profits from this store go straight to the animal shelter to help with all the various … [Read more…]

Lost in the Groove

Vinyl is back! (in my personal opinion, it never really left), today we are meeting with the owner of Lost in the Groove, a local used record shop with an undying love for an undying musical form. Whether you love clasic rock or indi-pop fusion, Lost in the Groove has the album for you.

Copy and Print Store

Quality printing and copying is a big deal for a lot of people in the business and personal world. Here in Mount Vernon, one of the go to places for your printing and copying needs is the Mount Vernon Copy and Print Store, which is actually just across the street from Pettruzzelli headquarters. Dominic is … [Read more…]

Skagit Publishing

In today’s political climate, there are only a select few news sources that can be trusted by all. Skagit publishing is one of them. They dig to find the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Let’s go with Dominic to meet with one of their senior editors and take a tour of … [Read more…]

Integrity Electric

Electricity is a serious business that requires extreme precision and mastery. We only use the best for our homes and the best i definitely Integrity Electric. Let’s go with Dominic to meet with the owner and team about their dedicated trade.

212 Elite Cheer

In the world of competitive cheer, only the best and most dedicated squads can take the lead. Dominic is meeting with the founder of 212 Elite to see what makes this team so powerful.

Hometown Appliance

Hometown Appliance in Stanwood is our recommended appliance seller/repair shop. Their attention to detail and customer service is what makes them such an outstanding business! Dominic is here to meet with the owner to talk specifics on why they stand out from the crowd.

Westar Solutions

Westar Solutions in Burlington provides products and services for all your screen printing needs, along with other various graphic services that can help you better your brand! Dominic is going to chat with the owner about what kind of crazy things they are doing with their business.