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Here is what I believe to be the only known blog dedicated to Skagit and Whatcom county living. There’s just too much here not to share it with others. 

Working out of Mount Vernon has opened my eyes to what people really mean when they say “I love living in the PNW”. It’s more than just Seattle and The Sound. Old Town Mount Vernon is a great example of what the foundation of the PNW is. It’s a rapidly growing tightly nit community with a dedication to community and sharing the PNW experience with everyone, local or not. 

I would not consider myself a blogger. Just a filmmaker from Montana that has come to love the Pacific Northwest, I hope this compilation of articles and videos I have put together with my boss Dominic treats you well.


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Shopping local is the best way help your community grow

Go Out

There's nothing better than local food matched with some incredible venues

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There are enough parks here to never be bored

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